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An organized trip to Montenegro: Change of scenery and discoveries!

An organized tour trip: 7 days all inclusive

Discovery trip to Montenegro: Airplane/ 8 days/100% French speaking/ full board/ 2 pers.min.

Price: From 1310€/p. flights included

Where is Montenegro located?

Located in the heart of Europe and the Mediterranean, MONTENEGRO stretches along part of the coast of the Adriatic Sea and is located in the southwest of the Balkan Peninsula.

Montenegro has many preserved ancient villages. The coastal region is considered one of the great tourist “discoveries” of recent years. It was not until the  2000s  that the tourism sector began to prosper again. 

Why a tour trip in Montenegro?

MONTENEGRO relies on its natural beauties and its preserved coastline to develop tourism, combining the discovery of an important cultural heritage resulting from the multiple influences specific to this region of the world, the magnificent beaches on the shores of the Adriatic and the presence of a nearby mountain range, containing real treasures…

In Montenegro is the deepest canyon after the Colorado, the largest lake in the Balkans, the Bay of Kotor with its unique fjord.

With our discovery trip to Montenegro, you savor the authentic traditions, the particular and varied gastronomy, the grandiose and intact nature, the magnificent Adriatic coast. A change of scenery and discovery will be on the agenda during your stay in Montenegro

The highlights of this 7-day full board tour trip:

  • Exploring Breathtaking Natural Parks
  • Participation in various activities that “develop your wings”!! : discovery of vineyards by tractor, rafting in the largest canyon after the Colorado, navigation by speed boat in the Bay of Kotor, self-driving in 4 * 4, tastings of wines, cheeses, ham, oysters and mussels, meeting with Montenegrin families from authentic villages, swimming…
  • Accommodation in charming 4-star hotels
  • Visits to authentic villages
  • Organized trip with a local French-speaking guide
  • Tour organized in full board, all inclusive from your departure city in Europe.
  • Guaranteed from 2 people
  • Flights included with Lot