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Atypic Travel calls on several partners in order to program your atypical trips as well as possible: experienced guides who ensure cohesion, harmony, the successful atmosphere of the group, and professional well-being speakers who awaken or awaken your energy thanks to workshops, workshops for discovery trips.

Our professional well-being speakers: All our speakers are chosen with a fine-tooth comb in order to guarantee you trips that will develop your wings, which will also make you shine on your return. You will find below some names of our experts in alternative medicine who lead our atypical trips:

Our Partners

Atypic Travel's accompanying and well-being partners

Veronique Durieu

Véronique Durieu, is an NLP Master Practitioner and trained in the ANC (neuro behavioral approach). She accompanies companies and individuals, particularly on the themes of stress management, emotions and burnout. His humor and his ability to analyze make his workshops friendly and learning moments.

Sylvie DeMeersman

Sylvie De Meersman practitioner of Intuitive Listening, occupational therapist trained in dynamic sophrology is a sensitive person who listens to you and brings out the best in your being. Discover his site

Aude Roulette

Aude Roulet Trained in psychology, Aude continued her studies in kinesiology using different approaches and techniques. Always looking to improve her practice, she combines holistic and energetic treatments in her consultations in order to take the Being as a whole. Consciousness awakener, Aude accompanies anyone wishing to move forward on their personal path through consultation, conferences and internships.

Nathalie Delain

Nathalie, expert in massages and energy workshops, combining her passion for travel and accompaniment in order to transmit her knowledge. Thus was born the concept “from around the world to the return to Self”. Rich in her life experiences, Nathalie likes to share without pretending to be a shaman or a therapist, only a person rich in her professional experience in personal development, and an explorer of new horizons in search of authenticity. Nathalie likes to transmit and give with heart, her dearest wish is that you come back richer from your trip, combine the discovery of a country with the discovery of yourself, if that is your choice.

Jean-Luc Legrand

Jean-Luc has accompanied people individually for ten years and facilitates groups (conscious walking, cooperation, personal development, retreat in the desert), groups of private individuals or companies. His tools (PRH, CNV, meditation, MKP, Shadow Work) and especially his "heart", allow him to accompany everyone "towards his heart", towards the best of himself. The people, accompanied by Jean-Luc, underline his benevolence, his listening, his "presence" to enlighten, guide and support. See his site .

Laurence Drybergh

Laurence is a Reiki Master Practitioner and Teacher, MoonMother, Personal Development Facilitator. His passion is to accompany, support, help healing. If you are at this moment of life where you want to find yourself, Laurence accompanies you in this reunion with your Being: Freedom of body, mind, heart, soul... Her practice is focused on healing emotional and physical, connection to oneself and spiritual for the purpose of personal development.

Our Guides

Each atypical trip has its own guide, who accompanies you throughout the trip from the first to the last day

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