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Welcome To Atypic Travel Team

The Atypic Travel team is made up of the travel organizer, Nathalie Abbeloos , various professional guides for groups of max. 12 people, and professional well-being speakers for the few themed trips (managing one’s emotions, the power of positive thinking, the practice of letting go, managing self-confidence)

Each cultural or nature trip has its own travel guide for groups from 4 people registered. You can privatize a trip without a guide, in this case, ask for your quote , on your dates of your choice. Here are some of them:

A small team of enthusiasts, Nathalie Abbeloos and her collaborators create and organize Atypic Travel trips. Trained as a biologist and tourism salesman, Nathalie is always attracted to animal and human causes. Customer relations are our specialty, since we have been working for more than 25 years in professions where customer relations, trust, and listening to customer needs are essential.

Véronique Durieu accompanies the trip to Belgium

She accompanies companies as well as individuals. In particular on the themes of stress management and burn out. His humor as well as his ability to analyze make his workshops friendly and learning moments.

Sylvie De Meersman accompanies the trip to the Azores

Sylvie De Meersman is a practitioner of Intuitive Listening. He is a sensitive person who listens to you and brings out the best in you. Sylvie accompanies the initiatory journey to the Azores.

Aude Roulet accompanies the trip to Lyon

Aude Roulet is trained in psychology. Aude combines holistic and energetic care, in order to take the Being as a whole. Aude accompanies anyone who wishes to move forward on their personal path.

Jean-Luc Legrand accompanies the trip to Türkiye in Cappadocia

Jean-Luc Legrand has been supporting people individually for about ten years. He facilitates groups (conscious walking, cooperation, personal development, retreats in the desert). His tools, and especially his "heart", allow him to accompany everyone towards the best of themselves. Thus, the people accompanied by Jean-Luc, underline his benevolence, as well as his listening, and his "presence". To enlighten, guide and support.

Ginette Debuyck

Ginette Debuyck has been a travel guide for 25 years. In addition, Ginette has worked on personal development with various tools. These are sensitive expression through dance, and brief systemic therapy. Her enthusiasm for her passions and her inexhaustible energy accompany you during your cultural or nature trips. And that guarantees you unforgettable experiences.

Gyuzani Sandes

Sandes Gyuzani's mission is customer satisfaction. She has acquired experience in customer contact and tourism, over time. Sandes is keen to share her passion for discovery and travel. This is how she naturally specialized as a travel consultant and guide.

Philippe Abbeloos

Philippe Abbeloos is a graphic designer by profession. He studied plastic art. HE likes to discover and above all make you discover the riches of the countries. As he is very sociable, Philippe is keen to accompany you. This is to ensure the harmony of the group.

Asma Bashir

Asma Bachir is a Stylist / Milliner, and also a Color Advisor by training. His motto is Love, gentleness, self-respect in joy. The colors are a vibrant identity in her. Well-being through the language of color finds word and meaning when you listen to its vibration. It is an invitation to an inner journey and its light. So Asma offers to share with you, in joy and presence, during a destination. These trips that permanently speak to our hearts all in color.!

Amina Ben Salah

Amina ben Salah is a guide for small groups. She is passionate about Tai-chi, dancing and hiking. Also a specialist in Morocco, Amina accompanies people wishing to re-find themselves in calm and serenity.

Abbeloos Nathalie

Nathalie Abbeloos is a travel guide. Nathalie is the director and founder of Atypic Travel. It is she who organizes unforgettable and atypical trips for you.

Nathalie Delain

Nathalie Delain has found a way to combine her passion for travel with her training in massages and energy workshops. Indeed, Nathalie likes to accompany and transmit her experiences in the energetic and emotional field. she likes to share, and give with heart. Her dearest wish is that you come back richer from your trip. That you can happily combine the discovery of the place with the discovery of yourself.

Our Guides

Each atypical trip has its own guide, who accompanies you throughout the trip from the first to the last day

Adding a Joy to your Journey.

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