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Véronique Durieu

People Don’t Take, Trips Take People.

Véronique Durieu with Atypic Travel.

Véronique, your facilitator, is a certified coach, NLP Master Practitioner and trained in the ANC (neuro behavioral approach).She accompanies companies and individuals, particularly on the themes of stress management, emotions and burnout. His humor and his ability to analyze make his workshops friendly and learning moments.

Stress management workshop in the Molignée valley in Wallonia.

Stress… declined in all sauces, who does not know it? But what is stress? how does it affect us? How to deal with it permanently? Alternating theory and exercises, this workshop which takes place in the verdant valley of the Molignée in Wallonia between Namur and Dinant, aims to be a concrete and practical answer to these questions. The first morning will be devoted to the physiological effects of stress and how this information can be useful to us. The second morning will deal more with the notions of “stressors” and “stressability”. As far as possible the workshop will integrate the requests of the participants and could therefore be subject to (slight) modifications. You will leave with tools that will allow you to (better) understand what stresses you and why and thus better be able to tame it or fight it!