Des voyages qui développent vos ailes

Why Travel With Atypic Travel

People Don’t Take, Trips Take People

Why Travel With Atypic Travel

Atypic Travel creates organized trips of discovery: Culture, Nature, Well-being. Because, just like in full consciousness, the butterfly uses its breath to spread its wings...
Because its bright colors help it to protect itself by hiding among the flowers...
Atypic Travel creates for you discovery travel programs of countries, cities and nature, combined with atypical experiences: gastronomy, outdoor activity...
Our ambition and our value is to help you to blossom internally, to re- discover, develop your wings, develop your inner potential while traveling in places that carry energy. We will be delighted to personalize our trips for you if you are 2 or 3 people.
At the same time, Atypic Travel offers you individual well-being stays: Ayurveda, thalassotherapy, fasting etc... in various places around the world.

What are your advantages of traveling with Atypic Travel ?

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