Des voyages qui développent vos ailes

Who We Are

People Don’t Take, Trips Take People
Who We Are

We are convinced that travel without a conscience is like tasteless candy!

Atypic Travel is part of a collaborative company with all the necessary travel guarantees . All-inclusive trips for most offers, in groups or individually. Best Europe travel agencies provides organized circuit trips and self-guided self-drive trips with your vehicle or a rental car. The registered office is established at 1060 Brussels- Belgium.

A small team of enthusiasts

Nathalie Abbeloos and her collaborators create and organize Atypic Travel trips.

Tailor-Made Trips

All-inclusive discovery trips , to near or far destinations, are always a way for me to relate to others. Discovering the other, through their history, their culture, their environment, is very enriching. Nature obviously also has a great interest for me given my training in animal biology. And so, hiking trips, discovery of fauna and flora are always a delight. The programs of discoveries and activities are either organized in advance according to an established itinerary, or simply suggested, in order to allow you complete freedom during a self-guided tour.

And the interior enrichments

Physical personal development activities , such as yoga, mindful walking, tai chi, or qi gong, are sought by many of us. Also, emotional inner enrichment activities are reflections of our inner states, in our sentimental and professional life. All these activities allow me to be more aware of my deep being and to understand how I can manage it with those around me.

Thus, the idea of ​​reconciling cultural or nature discovery trips WITH, IN CERTAIN TRAVELS, physical and/or emotional personal enrichment activities, seemed almost obvious to me. Traveling without consciousness is like flavorless candy!

And as we like to share and make YOU discover the external and internal wonders felt during the stay, we offer you our atypical all-inclusive trips around the world. Circuits organized with fixed prices, in small groups from 4 people (maximum 12) or in individuals from 2, private stays tailor-made for your dates! Also self-guided self-drive trips.

Prices are mostly ALL INCLUSIVE (all transportation and transfers, local guides, rental car if needed, accommodation, half or full board.